Retro Bowl College


Introducing Retro Bowl College

Retro Bowl College is a fresh addition to the world of mobile football gaming, available on both iOS, Android and PC platforms. This game follows in the footsteps of the highly underrated hit, Retro Bowl, which has made waves on the App Store. In Retro Bowl College, you take on the role of a college football program's head coach, making critical decisions and taking charge of the players during the games as you select plays and strive for victory. You have the option to choose your favorite real-life college, witness your players' journey to the pros, earn credits and scholarship funds, and use that scholarship money to recruit top high school talents.

What's New in Retro Bowl College?

The latest version of Retro Bowl College boasts numerous enhancements and features designed to elevate the experience for devoted college football fans. Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Player Development: Delve deeper into the growth of each player on your roster. Observe their progress, make pivotal choices, and mold their path from college rookies to potential draft superstars.
  • Compelling Storylines: Every team and player comes to life with richer backstories, adding layers of depth and realism that immerse you in the collegiate football atmosphere.
  • Advanced Team Management: As a coach, you now have a wider array of tools at your disposal. From recruitment strategies to in-game decisions, every decision counts.
  • Enhanced Fan Engagement: Interact with passionate college football fans in new, interactive ways. Their feedback can influence your team's destiny.
  • New Training Programs: Hone your team's skills with diverse training modules tailored to each player's unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Dynamic Challenges: Confront unexpected challenges that test your wit and strategy, ensuring that no two gameplay experiences are identical.

This update guarantees that every moment spent playing Retro Bowl College feels fresh, exhilarating, and faithful to the essence of college football. Dive in and savor the excitement of being a college coach with a dream.


Retro Bowl College Teams and Uniforms

Retro Bowl College boasts an impressive lineup of teams, including Nebraska, Florida State, UCLA, Army, Michigan State, Ohio State, Texas Tech, Illinois, Oregon, and many more. Additional teams on the list comprise:

  • Alabama
  • Auburn
  • Clemson Football
  • Georgia
  • Indiana Hoosiers
  • Iowa
  • LSU
  • Maryland
  • Miami Hurricanes
  • Minnesota
  • Northwestern Wildcats
  • Oklahoma
  • Penn State
  • Purdue Boilermakers
  • Southern California
  • Stanford
  • TCU
  • Virginia Tech
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

College Jerseys In Retro Bowl Game

The college Jersey’s default color patterns are:

  • Clemson – Light Pink
  • Maryland – Red
  • Michigan State – Light Green
  • Notre Dam – Blue
  • Ohio State – Red
  • Oklahoma – Red
  • Oregon – Green
  • Penn State – Dark Blue
  • Pittsburgh – Dark Blue
  • Purdue – Black

How to Play Retro Bowl College 

Getting started with your first season in this Retro Game might seem overwhelming, but with some guidance, you'll find your footing and lead your team to victory. Keep in mind that every decision you make can impact the outcome of the season. Here's a breakdown of the process:

  • Establishing a Foundation: Before diving into gameplay, manage your resources wisely. This includes player acquisitions, budgeting, and setting the tone for upcoming matches.
  • Game Days: The real challenge lies here! Adjust strategies on the fly, call game-defining plays, and ensure each victory brings you closer to college football greatness.
  • Review and Refine: After every win, take some time to assess your strategies. What worked? What didn't? It's a continuous learning process, and each season offers new insights.
  • Mastering the Features: Beyond the Basics, for those who relish a deeper experience, Retro Bowl College offers more than meets the eye. The game is packed with features that provide both fun and complexity.
  • Player Development: Invest time in nurturing player growth. Their performance can be the key to victory, turning a good player into a valuable asset.
  • Facing Challenges: With each new level, the challenges intensify. Adapt, learn, and stay ahead of your competition.
  • Engaging Scenarios: The game constantly presents new obstacles. From unexpected injuries to surprise plays, every element contributes to the season's story.