World Cup Penalty Football Game

World Cup Penalty Football Game

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World Cup Penalty Football Game is a mobile soccer-themed game that focuses on penalty shootouts during a World Cup tournament. The game's objective is to score penalty shots more times than your opponent and progress through the tournament by beating all the teams.

How to play

Here's a general guide on how to play and possible controls:

Controls Guide:

  1. Aiming: Use swipe gestures or on-screen controls to aim your penalty shot.
  2. Shooting: Tap the screen or press a designated button to take the penalty shot. The timing and precision of your tap are crucial.
  3. Goalkeeping: If you are on defense, use controls to move the goalkeeper to block the opponent's shots.

How to Play:

  1. Team Selection: Choose your preferred country from the available options, each with its unique playing style.
  2. Tournament Format: Participate in a World Cup-style tournament where you face different teams in penalty shootouts.
  3. Scoring Goals: Score more goals than your opponent within the given number of chances. Alternately take turns shooting and defending.
  4. Advancing Rounds: Progress through the tournament by winning matches. The goal is to beat all teams and win the entire game.
  5. Blocking Shots: If you are on defense, use your goalkeeper skills to block incoming shots from your opponent.


  1. Precision Shooting: Aim for the corners of the goal to make it harder for the goalkeeper to save your shots.
  2. Goalkeeper Awareness: When on defense, pay attention to your opponent's shooting patterns and try to anticipate their shots.
  3. Tournament Strategy: Adjust your playing style and strategies as you advance through the tournament, facing stronger opponents.

Since specific details about the controls may vary depending on the game's interface and platform, I recommend checking the in-game tutorial or instructions for precise control information. Additionally, user reviews or the game's official website may provide insights into gameplay and controls.


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