Retro Kick Boxing

Retro Kick Boxing

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Retro Kick Boxing is a retro-style kickboxing game that combines simple controls with challenging gameplay and a nostalgic pixelated aesthetic. Players take control of their chosen fighter and engage in intense kickboxing matches, aiming to knock out their opponents and claim victory.

Retro Kick Boxing

How to play

Here's a general guide on what you might expect:

Retro Kick Boxing Overview:

  • Game Type: Kickboxing, Retro Arcade
  • Graphics Style: Pixel graphics, Retro arcade style
  • Available Platforms: PC and Apple App Store

Possible Controls Guide:

  1. Keyboard Controls (PC):

    • If played on a computer, controls may involve keyboard inputs. Common keys might include arrow keys for movement, and specific keys for actions like jabs, blocks, etc.
  2. Touchscreen Controls (Mobile):

    • If played on a mobile device, controls may involve on-screen buttons or touch gestures. These could include taps for jabs, swipes for blocks, etc.
  3. Classic Arcade Controls:

    • Given the retro arcade style, the controls might mimic classic arcade setups. This could involve joystick-like movements and dedicated buttons for different actions.

How to Play:

  1. Pixel Graphics Style:

    • Enjoy the vintage visual appeal of pixel graphics, reminiscent of classic video games.
  2. Kickboxing Matches:

    • Engage in kickboxing matches where you control the fighter's movements and actions.
  3. Movement and Attacks:

    • Use controls to move your fighter around the ring and execute various kickboxing moves, including jabs, blocks, and possibly special attacks.
  4. Arcade Atmosphere:

    • Immerse yourself in the arcade atmosphere, with retro visuals and possibly accompanying classic arcade-style sounds.


  • Retro-style games often aim to capture the nostalgia of classic gaming while offering enjoyable gameplay.
  • Check in-game instructions or tutorials for specific details on controls and gameplay mechanics.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consider checking the game's official website, app store listing, or any in-game guides. Developers often provide detailed information on controls and features in these locations.


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