Flick Football

Flick Football

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Flick Football is an engaging and entertaining mobile game that brings the thrill of tabletop soccer to your fingertips. The game features intuitive flick controls, realistic graphics, and a variety of challenges to test your precision, timing, and strategic thinking.

How to play


  • Use your finger to flick the ball towards the goal.
  • Adjust the angle and power of your flick to execute different shots.
  • Time your flicks precisely to maximize accuracy and power.
  • Anticipate your opponent's moves and position your players strategically to defend and attack.
  • Utilize different shot types, such as low shots, high shots, and chips, to keep your opponent guessing.


  • Choose your team: Select from a variety of teams to represent your country and pride.
  • Compete in matches: Engage in intense matches against challenging opponents, aiming to score more goals than your rivals.
  • Master flick techniques: Practice executing different flick techniques, such as power flicks, placement flicks, and chips, to fool the goalkeeper.
  • Utilize player positioning: Position your players strategically to defend against incoming attacks and create scoring opportunities.
  • Progress through the tournament: Overcome a series of challenging opponents and progress through the tournament to become the ultimate Flick Football champion.


  • Anticipate your opponent's shots: Observe your opponent's flicks and anticipate the direction of their shots to position your goalkeeper effectively for a save.
  • Master timing and placement: Time your flicks precisely to release the ball at the optimal moment and maximize accuracy.
  • Utilize different shot types: As an attacker, experiment with different shot types, such as low shots, high shots, and chips, to keep the goalkeeper guessing.
  • Vary your flicking routine: Avoid developing predictable patterns and vary your flicking routine to make it harder for your opponent to anticipate your shots.
  • Analyze your mistakes: Review your missed shots and missed saves and identify areas for improvement, focusing on factors like timing, placement, and player positioning.

Embrace the thrill of tabletop soccer, master a variety of flick techniques, and lead your team to victory in Flick Football! Experience the excitement of this captivating mobile game and become the ultimate Flick Football champion.


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