Pumpkin Wheel

Pumpkin Wheel

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Pumpkin Wheel is a game in which you control a large rolling pumpkin through a series of 30 levels. The game features original and colorful graphics and is described as a fun and addicting time-killer.

Pumpkin Wheel

How to play

Here's a general guide on how to play and what to expect:

Game Objective:

The main objective of "Pumpkin Wheel" is to navigate your rolling pumpkin through each of the 30 levels, overcoming obstacles, and reaching the end of each level successfully.


The controls in "Pumpkin Wheel" are typically designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Common controls for such games may include:

  • Arrow Keys: You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to accelerate, decelerate, and steer the pumpkin in different directions.

  • Mouse Click or Touchscreen (for mobile devices): On some platforms, you might control the pumpkin by clicking or tapping, which allows you to adjust the pumpkin's speed and direction.


The gameplay usually involves the following elements:

  1. You control a large rolling pumpkin that moves forward automatically. Your task is to guide it through each level by adjusting its speed and direction.

  2. The levels may include various obstacles and challenges, such as gaps, spikes, moving platforms, and more. You need to navigate the pumpkin around or through these obstacles.

  3. As you progress through the levels, they may become more complex and challenging, requiring precise control and timing to avoid failure.

  4. Your goal is to complete all 30 levels successfully, enjoying the game's colorful graphics and Halloween theme along the way.

Stars and Collectibles:

The reference to "follow the stars" suggests that you may encounter collectible stars or items in the game. Collecting these items could be an additional objective in some levels, or they may contribute to your overall score.

Since "Pumpkin Wheel" is a specific game, I recommend referring to in-game instructions or guides provided by the developers for precise details on how to play, level objectives, and any unique features or controls introduced in the game. Have fun rolling your pumpkin through the Halloween-themed levels and enjoy the festive gameplay experience!


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