Squad Goals: Soccer 3D

Squad Goals: Soccer 3D

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Squad Goals: Soccer 3D is a casual soccer game that focuses on the fun and excitement of playing soccer without strict rules. In this game, your goal is to score goals and have a great time with fast-paced soccer action. 

How to play

Controls (Sample Controls - May Vary Depending on the Game):

  • Arrow Keys or WASD: Use these keys to control the movement of your player on the field. Move left, right, up, and down to navigate.

  • A, B, X, or Y Buttons: These buttons are typically used for various actions:

    • A Button: Pass the ball to a teammate.
    • B Button: Shoot or take a shot at the goal when you have possession of the ball.
    • X Button: Tackle or perform defensive actions.
    • Y Button: Sprint or perform special moves (if available).
  • Spacebar: Use the Spacebar or a similar key to control actions like jumping or sliding.

How to Play (General Gameplay):

  1. Game Modes: Start by selecting a game mode. "Squad Goals: Soccer 3D" offers two game modes: Arena and Team vs. Team.

  2. Arena Mode: In Arena mode, it's every player for themselves. The goal is to score goals on your own without strict team cooperation.

  3. Team vs. Team Mode: In Team vs. Team mode, you'll be part of a team with four other players. Your objective is to work together to score goals against the opposing team.

  4. Goal Scoring: The primary objective in both modes is to kick the ball into the goal. There may be no cards, fouls, or offside rules, and the scoring system might be straightforward—just score a goal to win.

  5. Gameplay Style: Enjoy the fast-paced soccer action, which may involve sliding tackles, dribbling, kicking, and shooting. The focus is on having fun and scoring goals.

  6. Winning: Score a goal to achieve victory in the game. The absence of a complex scoring system or fouls makes the gameplay more relaxed and enjoyable.

Squad Goals: Soccer 3D offers a lighthearted and casual soccer experience where the emphasis is on having fun and scoring goals. It's a game where you can enjoy the thrill of soccer without worrying too much about rules and penalties. Whether you're playing in Arena mode or Team vs. Team mode, the primary goal is to score and have a blast on the virtual soccer field.


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